1770 Census: Indian Slave


May 28, 1770

General Census of all the Indian slaves, their ages and nations, and names of masters. Recorded in the Clerks Office.

26 May 1770 – Nicholas Boyer, resident, owned two savage children to wit: Francios, a five year old male and Margaritte, an eight year old female, both together valued at nineteen hundred livres.

Same date – Henry Carpentier, resident, owned one savage women named Angelique, baptised, age twenty and her daughter, Therese one year of age. The mother was of the Pawnee nation. Another female, nine years of age, not baptised, named Victoire of the Pawnee. All three valued at nineteen hundred livres.

Same date – Louis Robinet owns one savage girl, thirteen years of age, not baptised, named Lisette of the Pawnee nation. Value one thousand livre.

Same date – Francois Valle’, captain of the militia, owned one savage named Gabriel Ouessa, baptised, thirty seven years old, of the Pawnee nation. Value twelve hundred livres.

Same date – Antoine Aubuchon, resident, declares he owns the following: one savage women named Marianne, baptised, twenty five years of age and her two children; a boy named Baptiste age seven, and another boy called Louis, age five. The two boys are creoles and are baptised. The three are valued at two thousand livres.

Same date – Antoine Diel, resident, declares he owns one savage women called Rose, baptised, of the Pawnee nation. He also owns a male negro child six years of age, baptised and called Louis. The two are valued at two thousand livres.

Same date – Mrs. Billeron (widowed) states she owns a married couple from the Pawnee nation. The male, Joseph Tiruguet, age thirty, baptised and his wife Suzanne, age twenty-six. They were married before the Church and are valued at two thousand livres.

Same date – Louis Truto, resident, declares he has at his home the property of Laurent Truto who was a merchant voyageur as follows: One savage women, named Margueritte, age seventeen; one savage male, named Baptiste, age thirteen; and two ten year old children, one boy and one girl, neither baptised. Total value three thousand livres.

Same date – Pierre Gadobert, resident, states he owns one savage named Pierre, baptised, nine years old of the Comanche nation, valued at twelve hundred livres.

Same date – Michel Placet declares he owns one savage women, age thirty-five of the Panis Pique’ nation who has three children born in the country, all of them baptised, two daughters, one twelve years old, the other six, both born blind, the other an infant of the breast. All valued at three thousand livres,

Same date – Baptiste La Rose, resident, declares he owns the following: one savage women named Marie about twenty years old, valued at eleven hundred livres.

Same date – Francois Poitou, inhabitant, declares he owns won savage woman of the Panis Pique’ nation, baptised, twenty-five years old, called Fanchon, valued at fifteen hundred livres.

Same date – Marie Jeanne Huberdeau, widow of Meziere Huberdeau, declares she owns a savage women named Marianne, thirty years old, baptised of the Pawnee nation. This savage has two female children, one three years old called Elizabeth and the other eighteen months old called Ursule, both baptised, all valued at two thousand five hundred livres.

An not knowing any more persons at the said place of Ste. Genevieve who owned Indian slaves, I have concluded the present declaration as being in conformity with the record in the office of Ste. Genevieve this twenty-eighth day of May, seventeen hundred and seventy.

VALLE’ (signed)


  1. My mother , grandmother and great grandfather were born in ste. Genevieve. My Great grandfather was Eli Miller. I can’t find any thing out about him except what my great uncle told my mother and I on the phone. He said Eli was a Cherokee Chief. Full Blooded. Now I can get back as far as Eli on Ancestry.com but have not been able to get his parents name, just that they were born in the US. Do you have access to any other forms of Native American information

    1. Osa,

      Could the Eli that you are talking about also go by the name of Elikum Ayers? Lyke. Eli. Elihu. He went by a lot of names.

      We believe that he died in 1904.

      Was married to Rhoda in 1880. Rhoda mysteriously died and the woman (servant) Emily Duvall ( who was also pregnant with Elikum’s baby at the same time that Rhoda was ) stepped in after Rhoda died.

      Rhoda was buried here and is my Great Great Great Grandma I’m 25 right now in 2015.

      Here is a link to him on the 1880 census.

      Whoever this guy was, he was a shady guy. I’ve run into other descendants. My side of the family say that he was struck by a lightning bolt while sitting on his front porch, and her side (Deborah Boyd Couch) of the family has always said that he blew up in a steamboat explosion.


      This is in Quarrytown.

      I don’t know about a Cherokee Chief…but our family said that we were Crow Indians. (later to find out that there were Cherokee tribes that were called bird people (or “Crow”).

      Hope this helps.

      Also, there were some of Elikum’s relatives that totally lied about who they were. See this thread about Ida Happel. I believe that Ida “Missouri Adeline DAVIS” was originally Ida Ayers.


      I also have a theory that the family was a part of an illegal operation of smuggling alcohol into Native American territory. Got caught in Fort Smith Arkansas. There was a man by the name of Alexander that got convicted of murder. Train robberies. The whole 9 yards.


      Black Annie
      E.K. Ayers
      EK Ayers
      District Court
      Fort Smith
      Ste. Genevieve
      Steam Boat
      Tug Boat
      Black Annie
      Native American
      Bird People
      Marion Greene
      Middle Tennessee
      St. Mary

      Portions of this may or may not be correct:

      Elicum Ayers was born in 1848 in Tennessee, the child of his parents. He had four children with Rhoda H. Ayers. He then married Emily Ayers (Duvall) and they had six children together between 1880 and 1897. He died in 1904 in Missouri, at the age of 56, and was buried in Ste Genevieve County, Missouri.
      Life Story Family
      Anna P Ayers
      + 9 Children
      Elicum Ayers
      Emily Ayers (Duvall)
      + 1 Spouse
      John Ayers
      Life Story Map
      EXPLORE THE MAPExplore The Map
      Life Story Events
      AGE 0
      Elicum Ayers was born in 1848 in Tennessee to Ms. Ayers and John Ayers.
      1848 • Tennessee
      AGE 0
      Cotton in the Deep South
      Elicum Ayers was living in Tennessee in 1848 when the cotton crop reigned as lifeblood to the state’s economy.

      AGE 22
      Elicum Ayers lived in Sainte Genevieve, Missouri, in 1870.
      Age: 21
      1870 • Sainte Genevieve, Ste Genevieve, Missouri, United States
      AGE 25
      Grasshopper Plagues of the 1870s
      Hordes of grasshoppers descended on the Midwest when Elicum Ayers was living in Sainte Genevieve, Missouri.

      14 MAY
      AGE 26
      Birth of Daughter
      His daughter Cora R. was born on May 14, 1874, in Missouri.
      Cora R Ayers 1874–1877
      May 14,1874
      13 JAN
      AGE 28
      Birth of Daughter
      His daughter Mary M. was born on January 13, 1876, in Missouri.
      Mary M Ayers 1876–1878
      January 13,1876
      31 DEC
      AGE 29
      Death of Daughter
      His daughter Cora R. passed away on December 31, 1877, in Missouri, at the age of 3.
      Cora R Ayers 1874–1877
      December 31,1877
      15 JAN
      AGE 30
      Death of Daughter
      His daughter Mary M. passed away on January 15, 1878, in Missouri, at the age of 2.
      Mary M Ayers 1876–1878
      January 15,1878
      AGE 31
      Birth of Son
      His son John was born about 1879, in Missouri.
      John Ayers 1879–
      abt 1879
      19 JUL
      AGE 32
      Birth of Son
      His son Francis was born on July 19, 1880, in Missouri.
      Francis Ayers 1880–1957
      19 July 1880
      AGE 32
      Elicum Ayers lived in Sainte Genevieve, Missouri, in 1880.
      Age: 31; Marital Status: Married; Relation to Head of House: Self
      1880 • Quarrytown, Sainte Genevieve, Missouri, United States
      AGE 32
      Elicum Ayers married Emily Ayers (Duvall) in 1880 when he was 32 years old.
      Emily Ayers (Duvall)
      14 FEB
      AGE 38
      Birth of Son
      His son Thomas was born on February 14, 1886, in Missouri.
      Thomas Ayers 1886–
      14 Feb 1886
      11 JUN
      AGE 41
      Birth of Daughter
      His daughter Jennie was born on June 11, 1889, in Missouri.
      Jennie Ayers 1889–
      11 June 1889
      8 NOV
      AGE 43
      Birth of Son
      His son Arthur was born on November 8, 1891, in Missouri.
      Arthur Ayers 1891–
      8 Nov 1891
      6 NOV
      AGE 45
      Birth of Son
      His son Julius was born on November 6, 1893, in Missouri.
      Julius Ayers 1893–
      6 Nov 1893
      2 SEP
      AGE 49
      Birth of Daughter
      His daughter Eveline was born on September 2, 1897, in Missouri.
      Eveline Ayers 1897–
      2 Sept 1897
      AGE 52
      Elicum Ayers lived in Union City, Missouri, in 1900.
      Age: 50; Marital Status: Married; Relation to Head of House: Head
      1900 • Union, Ste Genevieve, Missouri, USA
      Elicum Ayers died in 1904 in Missouri, when he was 56 years old.
      Age: 56 Died from a lightning bolt while standing in the doorway to his house.
      1904 • Missouri

      And here is some more. SORRY!!

      From 1870 United States Federal Census

      Martha Ayers 33
      Melvin Ayers 23
      Likum Ayers 21
      Josephine Ayers 16
      Ida Ayers 14
      Marion Greene 11
      Lee Ayers 7
      Martha Ayers 5
      Madlin Ayers 3
      John Ayers 2/12

      Family Number Surname Given Name Age Birth Year Gender Race Birthplace
      312 Lagrave Frank 30 1840 Male Missouri
      312 Arnot William 34 1836 Male Baden
      313 Ray John 33 1837 Male White France
      313 Ray Genevieve 34 1836 Female France
      313 Frick Magnes 21 1849 Male White Prussia
      313 Meyer August 22 1848 Male White Missouri
      314 Satori Joe 52 1818 Male Baden
      314 Satori Josephine 59 1811 Female White Sweden
      314 Satori Joe 22 1848 Male Baden
      315 Gittinger Joe 26 1844 Male White France
      315 Gittinger Alex 34 1836 Male France
      315 Gittinger Mary 26 1844 Female White New York
      315 Gittinger August 10 1860 Male White Missouri
      315 Gittinger Therrece 8 1862 Female Missouri
      315 Gittinger Lizzie 6 1864 Female White Missouri
      315 Gittinger Agatha 4 1866 Female Missouri
      315 Gittinger Josephine 2 1868 Female Missouri
      315 Gittinger Annie 4/12 1870 Female White Missouri
      315 Houck Joe 23 1847 Male Missouri
      316 Kreber Emily 25 1845 Female White Baden
      316 Kreber Caroline 12 1858 Female Missouri
      316 Kreber Josephine 12 1858 Female White Missouri
      316 Kreber George 11 1859 Male Missouri
      316 Kreber Mary 6 1864 Female White Missouri
      316 Kreber Therrece 4 1866 Female White Missouri
      316 Kreber Louise 2/12 1870 Female White Missouri
      317 Ayers Martha 33 1837 Female White Tennessee
      317 Ayers Melvin 23 1847 Male White Tennessee
      317 Ayers Likum 21 1849 Male White Tennessee
      317 Ayers Josephine 16 1854 Female White Missouri
      317 Ayers Ida 14 1856 Female White Missouri
      317 Greene Marion 11 1859 Male Missouri
      317 Ayers Lee 7 1863 Male Missouri
      317 Ayers Martha 5 1865 Female Missouri
      317 Ayers Madlin 3 1867 Female White Missouri
      317 Ayers John 2/12 1870 Male White Missouri
      318 Schoemack Joe 45 1825 Male White Missouri
      318 Williams John 21 1849 Male White Missouri
      318 Wilson Robert 44 1826 Male Missouri
      318 Kreber Joe 46 1824 Male Prussia

      That’s all folks. Thanks.

      -Ryan Jeffrey Buell
      St. Louis, MO

      Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

  2. my family lived in weigarden in the 1900 shearin/hill and my mother lived there and my uncles and aunts also my mom and uncle were borned there

  3. Hello, my great great great great grandfather was Nicholas Cailot dit LaChance, married 13 November 1804 in St. Gen to Cecil Chevallier. Supposedly their youngest son had his name changed by court order in 1840 (Fredricktown, formally St Michael’s) from Joseph Cailot dit LaChance to Joseph Colyott. I had visited the courthouse, but could not find any record of this event. What would be my next step? Any help is greatly appreciated.

  4. Where is the Boland Cemetery located? My grandfather was Thomas Boland, son of Peter Boland and Elvira Scott. Peter Boland descendant of Elias Boland and Elvira descendant of Obediah Scott. I would also like to know if the original stone house that Obediah built is still standing in Minnith.

  5. My 5 times great granddaughter was Nicolas Boyer. Can help me understand who the two indian slave children were? Where they his children. Is there a mention of his wife?

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