The following was written and submitted by Steven Schmidt [(Enable Javascript to see the email address)].  He continues to research the mill’s history and is interested in any additional information on the mill or its past owner/operators.  Please contact him by email if you have anything to add!  Disclaimer: Although carefully researched, the information below may contain some inaccuracies.  Sleeping on the banks of the River Aux Vases Creek in southern Ste. Genevieve County for nearly a century now, the remnants of Rigdon’s Mill are still visible today. Built in approximately 1805 by Abijah and James Rigdon, the water-powered grist mill ran for over a century throughout the 1800’sRead More →

Education is booming. People everywhere want to learn more about everything, thanks to the information culture technology has delivered. There is now increasing demand for everything from self-help through to specific, niche learning interests, and volumes upon volumes of texts have been authored around this area. Even in terms of our education system, and the way we approach education, there is extensive interest in improving outcomes. Theories of education cover a broad church, and there is ample room for personal opinion and preference. This top five gives an insight into some of the most celebrated works on the topic. For those who want to delveRead More →

Millions of Americans find themselves in the position of looking to add to their family by adoption. Regardless of the reasons, the decision to adopt is one that delivers a genuine social and personal good. While it is not always easy, it is almost universally said by adopted families that the process changed their lives for the better. Those who come through the other side couldn’t imagine life without their adopted family set-up. For an increasing number of growing families, adoption is being seen as a viable, even desirable route. This is extremely encouraging, and adoption agencies worldwide are seeing improvements in the numbers ofRead More →